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September 9, 2021


Oh no! Your favorite candle got knocked over, leaking wax on your carpet! What do you do? To start, do not panic. Right here are easy steps for removing wax from the carpet.

Collect your Materials

Ensure you have all the items in order to manage the task of getting rid of wax from the carpet. In order to do so, you will need:

  1. a bag of ice
  2. a towel
  3. a butter knife
  4. an iron
  5. a brown paper bag
  6. carpet cleaner
  7. a 2nd towel
  8. a vacuum

Given that we have gathered the right items, let’s get to it!

Freeze the Wax

Freezing the wax will stop the wax from melting more into the carpet, and will allow you to remove the wax from the carpet in bigger areas each time.

Place the bag of ice over the wax, covering it entirely. Wait a couple of minutes until the wax is as cool as possible. To protect your carpet from getting wet, do not hesitate to use a towel to cover the bag of ice.

Scrape the Wax

Because the wax is frozen solid, it is time to scrape off as much of the wax as possible. Use your butter knife to lift the wax, separating it from the carpet. Removing the majority of the wax now will reduce the possibility of having to clean more later. As soon as you have removed as much wax as possible is time to move onto Step 4.

Heat the Wax to Remove

Now that the bulk of the wax is gone, prepare to reheat the wax in order to eliminate the residue. Turn your iron on a lowered temperature degree. To protect your carpet fibers from melting, it is important that the iron is not too hot! For ideal results avoid utilizing the vapor setting.

Locate the brown paper bag over the remaining wax and rub the iron over the brown paper bag. The wax will melt and stick to the brown paper bag, leaving little deposits on your carpet!

Clean the Carpet

Now the wax should be practically eliminated from your carpet! There is more than likely a mess, so it is best to bring out your carpet cleaning items as well as a 2nd towel. Blot the tarnish until it is no longer visible.

Vacuum the Carpet

You are almost done! Wait for the carpet to dry completely in order to get the rest of the wax deposits. Finally, use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate any kind of remaining wax from the carpet.

Seek Professional Assistance

In order to obtain the greatest outcomes for removing wax from carpet, pick an expert carpet cleaning company. Our specialist process is the only way to assure deeper clean, fast-drying carpetings, and a much healthier house for your family. While DIY abilities are available to remove wax from carpet, seeking a specialist carpet cleaning company guarantees your wax-stained carpet will have no remnants and will be left in a much better condition than before!

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